Dürkopp Adler

Sewing machines



Adler Sewing machines

Adler Arm-sewing machines

Post-bed sewing machines

Sewing automatons

Pfaff sewing machines

Zigzag sewing machines

Textil sewing machines

Sewing machines "California"

Outsole stitchers

Strobel machines

Boot sewing machines

Sewing machines for stitching through

Overlocks sewing machines

Stamping and embossing machines

Cutting presses

Adhesive application machines

Info over machines

Fork lift trucks

Eyeletting machines

Riveting machines

Hook setting machines

Push-button setting machines

Perforating presses

Staple tacking machines

Machines for dressing/processing wood

Machines for dressing/processing metal

Brandsoles and Leathersohles

Soles presses

Machines for cutting and dressing straps

Paint spraying cabines

Material testing machines

Trimming and cutting machies

Gummi-Laufsohlen Schuhmacherbedarf


Spliting machines, skiving machines

Folding machines


Lasting machines, different types

Band scouring machines

Production of models and patterns

Dust eshausting devices

Perforating machines

Lederhalbsohle Schuhmacherbedarf, Ledersohle, Brandsohlen

Roughing-up machines

Marking devices, tracing devices

Heel nailing (screwing) machines

Moulding machines (for shoes and boots)

Polishing-, scouring- and brushing machines

Presses, insole presses

Crimping machines

Hot-air blower with moist air

Production of counters

Boxes for use in production

Lasting sticks and last-slipping machines


Cooling freezing dryer

Moistening plant, hot-air drayer

Packing devices and machines

Bügeltische, Bügelpressen und Maschinen

ironing tables, presses and machines

Ironing machines for the seat of shoe

Counter treeing machines

Sole activating device

Laminating press for front parts

Strap and sole trimming machines, copy-milling machine for soles

Automaton for assembling insoles and shanks

Pounding machines

Edge trimming machines


Lipb attaching machines

Upper lacing machines

Solvent extraction

Granulating machine


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